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Document examination
for banks

Conpend’s software is already utilized by leading providers of trade finance solutions including ING Bank, Commerzbank and UniCredit and is available via trade finance software providers Finastra, Surecomp and CGI. The focus is on improving the efficiency of document examination processes by using AI document checking and a machine learning process to generate significant productivity and efficiency gains as well as cost savings. The solution substantially reduces the risk of human error and false positives. Meanwhile its machine learning capabilities enable insights into recurring patterns and trends, allowing common client errors to be identified and addressed, and helping clients to reduce rejections and fee-incurring delays. TRADE AI captures the experiences of each transaction: a knowledge-gaining process that is stored and reused on all subsequent documents. In essence, the app becomes the entire memory of the combined workforce, virtually eliminating errors and allowing critical resources to be meaningfully redeployed.