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Accelerate digitization with confidence

Our mission is to support international financial organizations on their digital transformation journey. We do this by empowering operatives, compliance officers and relationship managers to independently increase their productivity and efficiency. This means they can focus on what matters: being successful in servicing their clients.
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Reducing the cost of Compliance


Whether in trade finance, know-your-customer (KYC), compliance or loans, Conpend focuses on the smooth digital transformation of its clients through a tailored and collaborative partnership approach. We prioritize understanding individual business needs to implement effective solutions and optimize benefits.

By automating document checking using AI and machine learning, our clients can streamline paper-based processes – providing operational efficiency as well as increasing competitiveness by freeing resources for more meaningful reallocation.

Used by leading brands to automate their transaction processing

Our vision and strategy

We strive to be part of our clients’ journey every step of the way – offering them the latest innovative solutions that will change their business for the better.