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Onboarding large corporates

Colleagues in warehouse

Compliance departments spend too much time and energy onboarding large corporates, which require screening against AML, sanctions and embargo regulations. Multi-national companies are highly complex organizations, although that does not protect banks, FIs and counterparties from liability for compliance breaches.

Yet much of this work can be automated, allowing compliance operatives to undertake more valuable work. Conpend’s KYC AI app automatically screens company documents against global AML, KYC and sanctions regulations – triggering alerts for compliance officer verification.

Conpend's KYC AI app includes:

  • Advanced case management including an audit trail
  • Flexible risk modelling and scoring as well as automated client profiling
  • Keyword screening of documents to identify risks (including from sectors and jurisdictions)
  • Automatic data input and uploading
  • Automatic sanctions screening and adverse media screening
  • Secure information storage with separation on a need-to-know basis.