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Our mission is to help our clients develop the right tools to empower their digital transformation journey.

Marc J. Smith

Founder and Director

Marc specializes in strategic change in trade finance. Marc founded Conpend following 18 years in financial services and IT consulting (including founding consultancy Proferus), after realizing the potential for the trade finance industry to leverage technology – and particularly the emergence of AI – to make existing processes more efficient. Transforming paper-based trade documentation by applying machine learning to document checking became Marc’s goal.

Torben Sauer

Stephan Temmerman

Chief Executive Officer

Stephan is a specialist in creating and implementing strategies for Fintechs from start ups into highly profitable companies. His latest venture was a Scandinavian software company that grew, under his management, from a 10 to 400 people and a business operating across the globe through 21 subsidiaries. He run this company till the founders decided to sell it to an established US based Private Equity firm.