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Our mission is to help clients develop the right tools to empower their digital transformation journey.

Marc Smith

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marc specializes in strategic change in trade finance. Marc founded Conpend following 18 years in financial services and IT consulting (including founding consultancy Proferus), after realizing the potential for the trade finance industry to leverage technology – and particularly the emergence of AI – to make existing processes more efficient. Transforming paper-based trade documentation by applying machine learning to document checking became Marc’s goal.

Froukje Baak

HR Director

As the Human Resources Director at Conpend AI, I am responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the company's human resources functions. Playing a critical role in developing and executing HR strategies that align with the organization's goals, ensuring a positive work environment, and fostering talent development and retention. In the last 20 years I am involved in overseeing recruitment, employee relations, performance management, benefits administration, and compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Rene Klose

Chief Operating Officer

René is a versatile leader with an extensive background in the financial industry. His experience spans managing business operations, leading large-scale IT projects, and overseeing Internal Audit and Compliance initiatives. This breadth of experience lends René a unique ability to view business strategies through the lens of a bank, providing valuable insight for our clients. René thrives as a change agent, passionately guiding our customers in embracing and leveraging innovative technologies to elevate their operations.

Edwin de Groot

Chief Revenue Officer

Many years in business history within IT, Telecom and Media companies. I have strong focus on Sales processing, Trade Finance, Cash management, Payments, KYC / AML and Digitizing the Automation. Technical knowledge of all business processes (Trade AI, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions). With a continues focus on best solution providing for our customers. Family is important in my personal life with my children and their focus and respect is equal to my customer business focus and respect for customers.

Arne Wolfgramm

Business Proces Manager

As a Business Process Improvement Manager professional I am responsible for overseeing and optimizing an organization's business processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance. This role is critical in ensuring that an organization's operations run smoothly and meet its strategic objectives. | I am responsible for analyzing, designing, implementing, and continuously improving business processes across an organization. Working closely with various departments and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to enhance workflow, reduce costs, and drive business growth. My primary goal is to align processes with the organization's goals and ensure that they are efficient, effective, and adaptable to change.