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Onboarding and review of SMEs and individuals

Given KYC obligations, banks, insurers, export credit agencies, other financial institutions and even major corporates are increasingly demanding that customers provide detailed due diligence information. This now includes all companies, including non-profit organizations and even private individuals. Conpend’s KYC AI app allows FIs and corporates to onboard SMEs, non-profit organizations and individuals – as both suppliers and customers – through an automated process. Tedious and repetitive tasks that are prone to human error are undertaken by the app, freeing compliance officers and relationship managers to focus on resolving the discrepancies identified by the app.

Conpend's KYC AI app includes:

  • Advanced case management including an audit trail
  • Flexible risk modelling and scoring as well as automated client profiling
  • Keyword screening of documents to identify risks (including from sectors and jurisdictions)
  • Automatic data input and uploading
  • Automatic sanctions screening and adverse media screening
  • Secure information storage with separation on a need-to-know basis.