Conpend harnesses banking expertise to support high growth as trade finance digitisation steps up

Trade finance software provider Conpend is utilising the skill sets of banking professionals as it expands its team to support its growing operations and deliver optimised, client-focused solutions

LONDON, UK, 12th May 2022 – Conpend, a leading provider of technology-assisted document checking software for trade finance processes, is bolstering its senior team’s existing banking credentials as part of its strategy to meet growing business needs. René Klose and Arne Wolfgramm, from Commerzbank and Credit Suisse respectively, bring a wealth of banking, digitisation and project management experience, as well as valuable insights from the client perspective. Vice President Klose is focused on driving Conpend’s business growth strategy, while Wolfgramm, Project Manager, manages and supports the company’s scaling of its operations.

“We are experiencing strong growth as the trade industry increasingly seeks to harness technology to enhance existing processes. Our goal is to grow as quickly as possible while cultivating a structure that is both lean and agile,” says, Torben Sauer, CEO at Conpend.

Marc Smith, Conpend Founder and Director, and former Management Consultant at ING, Commerzbank and Rabobank, adds: “The knowledge, experience and networks that members of our expanded team have established from working within financial institutions positions them with important tools to help us reach a broader audience, meet our company’s developing needs and achieve our true growth potential.”

Klose, a graduate and mentor within BAFT’s [Banker’s Association for Finance and Trade] Future Leaders programme, first encountered Conpend through his role at Commerzbank, where he was based for 12 years. He led the bank’s successful implementation of Conpend’s TRADE AI solution, which automates manual processes within documentary trade finance. With a strong professional relationship already established, and after seeing first-hand the value of the company’s innovative solutions, becoming part of the Conpend team was a natural fit for Klose.

“The future of the trade industry will depend on its ability to attract new talent and perspectives, and drive meaningful digital innovation and progress,” he comments. “Conpend’s solutions are enabling that progress, and with uptake of digital solutions on the rise, we are positioned to meet the industry’s evolving needs. I’m pleased to be able to apply my banking experience – including insights into specific challenges businesses are facing and the implementation process itself – to help support the growth of Conpend and, in turn, the trade finance industry in enhancing its processing capabilities.”

Wolfgramm has over a decade of banking experience. He is responsible for managing Conpend’s growth from an operational angle, developing the business’s internal structure and processes, and calibrating such for growth and agility. His expertise in project management is helping Conpend to strengthen client relations and support their trade finance digitisation journeys. For Wolfgramm, as not only a seasoned finance professional but also a radio host and qualified football coach, he is driven to harness his strong team ethic and experience of successful collaboration to galvanise his colleagues towards achieving their shared goals.


“Collaboration and the sharing of ideas are the engine room for growth and success. Conpend’s approach of working with individual clients to establish their precise needs, and then tailoring their solution specifically, is what drew me to this role,” he explains. “I feel lucky to be working with such an innovative company that keeps the barriers facing clients front of mind in order to provide cutting-edge solutions that are helping to enhance trade finance processes.”

Sauer adds: “Banks are becoming increasingly informed of the benefits that AI and other digital solutions can bring to their business. And while it is technology that is enabling those benefits, for us, the solutions are all about our clients; understanding who they are and what they value is where business starts. That is why we are focused on tapping into our team’s first-hand experience from the client’s perspective, to help guide our priorities, enhance our internal processes and deliver capabilities that really matter – all of which will help to ensure optimised service for our clients.”



About Conpend

By automating document checking using AI and machine learning, Conpend’s clients can streamline paper-based processes – providing operational efficiency as well as increasing competitiveness by freeing resources for more meaningful reallocation.

Conpend’s TRADE AI app checks against International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules and undertakes compliance checking against BAFT anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines and regulatory sanctions screening, including Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Conpend strives to be part of our clients’ journey every step of the way – offering them the latest innovative solutions that will change their business for the better.

To learn more, visit Conpend.AI and connect with us on LinkedIn.



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